Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Summer Nights Cocktail Outfit

I think I am still allowed to post my summer holiday outfits because, even though Britain has hit the most awkward stage of weather - not quite cold but still too cold (and guys, stop pretending it's still summer and stop buying iced Starbucks. It stopped being cool last season.), this week has been a little bit warmer. I'm grabbing the excuse full-throttle, so bear with.

I wore this outfit in the evening on our Tenerifian holiday (HOLA!) to a cocktail bar at the beach. I love it's relaxed feel yet it still looks like I tried-ish. And Birkenstock are most definitely a decided thing in August (so, I'm a few weeks late...), paired with my gorgeous but probably-too-small Zara dress - WITH AMAZING DETAILING ON THE BACK - from ages ago. Yup.

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