Sunday, 21 September 2014

'Let's shoot in the radishes' // outfit

Mission to shoot multiple outfits is a go. 

Today I spent ridiculous time under heaps of clothes in my room finalising outfits,
and then photo-shooting them with my lovely sister,
who is gradually becoming usably talented. 

Some of the photos came out looking cool and effortless - kinda cultural, kinda grungy;
and some just continued to capture my blindness in the brightness of the sun. 

So #outfitnumber1 tried to be print-y and clash-y but trendy and swish like the LFW models. Not so sure how that goal turned out. 

I stole the blouse/shirt/silk mass from meine Mutti's wardrobe -
possibly why it is about 10cm hanging off the shoulders,
and why I appear to be drowning.

And I have the privilege of possessing a bargain-filled clothes collection. 
This skirt made the collection after a morning at the bootsales. 
And it totally works the statement skirt trend for autumn. 

Exciting stuff.

I love clashing prints. Really, I do.

I love this outfit's clashy but still matchy-matchy patterns and colours. 

I aim to wear as many outfits this autumn featuring deep but bright colours as possible. 
One day down, and I don't plan to stop. 

Tomorrow is crimson and burgundy day - officially

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