Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Marchesa LFW 14 // Review

I could write several blog posts, 
each detailing another love of this gorgeous collection of 'Ready-to-Wear' 
(how could I possibly wear these outdoors?)
Spring/Summer by Marchesa

I could, but I'm not. 

I'm infusing you with one love in one post, 
double whammy style

I have managed to successfully list 500000+ reasons why I am head over heels for this collection and why I love Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig 
(undeniably cool-people names
for bringing it to London from America. 
And I see no reason to stop listing reasons. 

In fact, I shall list them here. 

I happen to be phasing a love of tulle, and all things netted, textured etc. 
This just happens to be the collection ranging from heavy tulle dresses,
to the most beautiful chiffon 
and silk 
and something that highly resembles plastic/fabric flowers. 

Fake flowers on a dress is fashion at it's greatest, my friend.

And then the serious addition of florals to the fabrics is just perfect
I love the transition to spring and summer in fashion world,
when the us-people world have just entered autumn. 
It's really really great. 
And I love the large posies in stand-out colours
- statements are in. 
Who decided? I decided. 

I, too, am truly adoring the classical, vintage, feminine, slightly bohemian
but ultra-chic whimsical-ness of the whole styling 
and the secret garden vibe channelling. 

I love love love the pastels paired with the deep crimsons and magentas 
(who knew? It works so good!). 

Lastly, anything/anyone wearing or possessing a floral crown must become my friend this moment. They're just so unbelievably pretty and summery
and perfect for wearing at every possible opportunity
- sleeping, homework, taking out the bins - everything

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