Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Extra Sweet Raspberry Crumble (Vegan + Sugar-free)


I am the most dangerous person near a crumble... Or a cake of any sorts to be honest.

I'm the one that lingers around the tray when I think no one is watching and picks as much of the crust off as I can before it begins to look noticeable. When no cake/crumble is evident, I can also be seen lurking at the pear-related goods or potato chips (#ShamelessSelfPromotion). I happen to be rather good at nibbling at the edges or discreetly stealing from the fruit and replacing the crumble - like a pro robber... You never quite know whether I am currently grazing or not because I have perfected the art of swallowing the whole bite as you gaze down into your glass. I'm smart like that... And I chew quickly!

Then when the crumble leaves the kitchen and graces the table; I delicatly serve up a small portion (my second, first was the nibbling) onto my plate whilst removing bite-fuls from the tray when nobody watches. This way, I go back for thirds - which people think are my seconds - and go back for fourths anf fifths - which people think are my thirds. Thirds... Third helpings are acceptable. Right.

I will clear your bank account through crumbles. #watchout.

This crumble is really special because I used home-grown-from-the-backyard raspberries, it's all sweet and not too sour and there's more crumble than fruit (which works fine for me) and I was feeling extra special when I made it. 

Just let it happen.

I soaked the raspberries in water to clean them and then left them floating for a bit to get soft soft soft! It's a fun game. 

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