Thursday, 17 July 2014

Henna Hair + #galsontour


Sometimes my mind is crammed full of nonsensical and rather random thoughts that I, on a whim, throw down onto a page in no order or style, for you to read at a later date.

Other times I have no inspiration, or thoughts, so I right about times when thoughts were common (like today) and hope you don't notice.


I cut my hair and dyed it red with henna. I think it's pretty. It's my first addition to my self-affirming collection of stuff. If henna is always as silky soft and vibrant as this, then I need to buy some more. My love for the new 'fro has exploded uncontrollably and I am spamming all, in good spirit - bring on the selfie storms @danistefanief (I created a new account for personal life and the many other exciting shenanigans I get up to non-blog related)!

I now am convinced that henna is made from soft fairy poop soaked in magic unicorn tears - because, dang, it is so amazing! And henna knows what's what when trying to make your outer self look sassy. Oh, and I'm now a henna expert (after one time)... So, um, yeah...

Also, I flew to Geneva, and had a ball. It was sunny and rich and everything I am not. #galsontour

I'm soon voyaging to Tenerife so I'm parting with my wifi. You can't see me or send me nuffink. Moreover, I don't think fire access is allowed so smoke signalling is out of the question; morse code may be an option, but you can definitely send me a mail pigeon.


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