Sunday, 6 July 2014

Berry Picking in Summertime

 Life has little pleasures: pretty nails, funny accent videos, fragrant flowers, cat purrs, the Can Can music... right?

Lounging on the sofa for too long happens to be a luxury, as does sunny weather (when living in Britain) - so when the opportunity arises to embrace the sun and capture those extra few vitamin D buddies (always useful), one grabs at that opportunity passionately and with feel. We do, trust me. 

Naturally, then, it was only expected to go berry picking in this gorgeous weather (second to reminiscing over The Beach Boys and getting sweaty and shiny with sun cream at the beach... obviously).

It's an annual expectation to go for a drive to some field or farm and pick their fruit. Oftentimes, there are different fruits in season throughout the year and you pick and pay by punnet or kg. Of course, there will always be the few lone berries who manage to escape the basket and end up in the mouth - being tested for taste, because yanno, you can never be too sure, and, well, they are just delicious; so really, no one can blame me... right?


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