Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sparkly Black Gilet

Today just so happens to be 1st December. 

(I very nearly just wrote December 1st and then was forced to quickly correct the inner American in me.) Despite the months of 'planning' or really just getting excited for December to arrive; I feel surprisingly underwhelmed. I wonder whether I was only feeling excited for the holidays because I knew that it would be a release from the pressure and work for a short while, opposed to actually being excited for the Christmas period. I have found it much harder, as I have grown older, to get into the Christmas spirit - last year resorting to playing Christmas songs in every waking moment to try and trick my sub-conscience. I'm still holding out for this weekend because we will be putting the tree and lights up, which hopefully makes for a cheerful festive day. 

One piece of news is that I am *attempting* to post content every day in December. I have so many outfit styling ideas that are overflowing my brain and I want to document them all somewhere. Beginning with today; this outfit is a variation on a very basic classic: converse, cropped jeans, knit. I have had this striped thin knit jumper for such a long time, and yet every year it makes an appearance and I am just as pleased to see it. I love how it automatically adds a pop of colour and a pattern clash to any outfit, without even trying. The gilet also adds a winter, Christmassy feel - and the black sparkle allows for an incredibly swift transition from day to night. 

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