Friday, 6 January 2017

Red Bubble Jacket

Sometimes I challenge myself to wear the exact same outfit as many times as I can until someone brings it up: eg. this get-up.

I have worn this exact outfit at least six times in the last two months. I try to alternate my Tuesday people, with my Thursday people, with my Friday people; and pray that none of them have very good memories. I bought this jacket half because of pressure from my mom saying I had no practical proper winter coat, and half because I was seeing a constant stream of trend updates on how the bubble jacket was the new key piece of this season. Truthfully, they shouldn't be the reasons for buying anything, especially since I have never been someone to solely follow trends - unless I genuinely liked the fashion or item. Nonetheless, since buying this jacket, I have worn it non-stop, I have crazy 3-am fashion epiphanies and absolutely adore the sporty casual vibe and clashing pop of colour it brings to every outfit. 

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