Monday, 27 June 2016

A Day In The Life: London

Raw, unedited, unabridged, unabbreviated, organic - a photo-heavy collective from my 16th birthday 4-day trip to London. It's such a whole enchilada ( *unedited) that it's all completely in the wrong order and some photos are upside down. PS. I included some bloopers and Snapchat screenshots, because, why not?

There are over 47 photos here. I know that because I lost count at 47 but from the perfectly-timed click-bum-click-bum-click-bum of my laptop keys, I know I definitely covered more than 10 - possibly 20 - photos after I lost count. The images are shining and so are the memories - a direct passive-aggressive attack on the weather. I haven't included the vast array and flurry of pink photos from our afternoon at Sketch because that's a complete other story and there are enough photos from that siesta alone to fill a wall. So, I fangirled (which auto-corrected to newfangled) too much: first because I stood on Millenium Bridge - come and find us Death Eaters; and secondly, because I saw King's Cross Station first hand - so really this was just a Harry Potter location tour. 

Why do you need to walk down Regent Street? Oh, I don't know; maybe because:
  • the architecture is amazing and just walking down the street itself could be a day trip
  • the shops are 120% better than those on Oxford Street - minus the Lush (WOW)
  • YES, so hard to the curvy road
  • you like the overpriced coffee shops and insane buses? SO DO I
  • we went at sale season so everything was magnified by x40
My second favourite area is Trafalgar Square and my third favourite is the semi-bohemian, pastel-coloured joint that is Notting Hill/ Portobello Road/ Chelsea. Somewhere between 0 and 1, but still holding a firm place between 2 and 3 on the ladder of most-loved London places, is SoHo. Oh, and Carnaby Street.


  1. I'm actually from just outside London but the city has always felt like home so seeing photos of the city by people visiting on a trip is always so interesting to me! I agree that Regent Street is vastly underrated, I always make a point of walking down there just because I find it oddly relaxing! Xx