Sunday, 26 June 2016

Breaking The Rain With Rainbow Stripes

A post dedicated to waging a war against the British weather and unabashedly seizing the so-called summer with completely temperature-inappropriate outfit choices. At least it looks summery.

I didn't write anything on my last blog post. I feel like I'm still trying to re-balance my chakras and learn to properly enunciate my ohms and come to terms with actually having a life again after surviving somehow (I woke up, ate, went to school, revised, watched Gossip Girl, ate, slept - cue repeat) for 8 months straight - which means it came as quite a large shock when exams were finally over and the 2 month holidays rolled round leaving me with empty days and a lot more time to write promising to-do lists. *not entirely true because I did get a new job and shamelessly decide to rejoin the gym (2 weeks before my summer holiday - still faster than those sitting down....). I continue to feel drained of emotion. It's harder to write when your creativity and imagination are deep on the negative end of the scale. But it did feel weird publishing photos without any writing. To be honest. 

It continues to rain every day and it's mid June (sorry). In the maybe-2 hours I had at the end of every day to revise, and a few dozen minutes every morning, I sat zoned-out like a zombie watching re-runs on Netflix or blankly scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. Facebook was my morning go-to; Instagram was a mid-afternoon pick-me-up; Pinterest was something to arbitrarily pretend to do pre-bed. The eye does wander and subconsciously encounter the current trends even when the heart just isn't in it. I felt pitifully and shamefully alone and separated from fashion, and still am only beginning to get to grips with what's going on in the world. If you only just woke up: my nails are the most perfect shade of pink and I got complimented, I ate the best vegan pizza I have ever tasted so far (still on the salty hunt); and Britain are currently leaving the EU and kicked up a flurry of further referendums and political crazies - legit, help.

I did stay in contact with the outer world enough to pick up on the rainbow stripes trend. I have seen so many editors wearing bright mix and match colour patterns. We can probably thank the clouds for forcing us into denial mode, and all that. I love the deep neckline on this blouse. The colours are much richer and dark, but bright. I think that the cut would also allow for a t-shirt underneath - ticking off another super trend. 

I stand by my worn in and much used favourite quote that every street is a catwalk and every day is a fashion show. I wore this outfit to a meal tonight 1) because I grabbed the brightest things in my wardrobe and engaged in as many trends as possible like a child who had been starved of candy and then binged at their grandma's house; and 2) because I felt like I needed to combat the grey skies with open and equally grey toes (they were really more blue - a consequence of the cold weather and tying the straps around my ankles too tight) and the most colour-intense top I possessed. It was a good decision. Why succumb to the pressures of climate and normality? Next up: bikinis in a snowstorm.

These shoes are pleasantly surprisingly easy to walk in. So overall probably sent from heaven, then, if you can manage walking with no real sufficient blood flow reaching anywhere below your mid-calf. The you're all set to go. For real - I do love the shoes.

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