Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Layering With Green Silk SS17

Any excuse to add more luxurious textures, regal colours or unusual pieces to an outfit is an excuse I will use within the hour.

I found this vintage green silk camisole after a long-needed wardrobe spring clean. I believe it was once my moms and before that - who knows! I adore the juxtaposed theme behind this outfit: the extravagant and palatial silky fabric in a brilliant green contrasting with the urbanised street-style feel of converse, gold hoop earrings and straight leg jeans with a frayed hem. I think an outfit is successful when it makes you feel a certain way that you want to feel. When I wear this silk camisole I suddenly feel so much more feminine and expensive; despite the fact that the minimal canvas of an outfit below is the most ordinary and combined of the most basic of staples. When I wear my over-worn and gold hoop earrings I feel incredibly confident and I love the way they can add an edge to any outfit - they have the ability to add femininity to any androgynous or masculine outfit and can equally tone down the femininity of an ├╝ber-chic classy outfit by adding a rougher, trendy vibe and an element of personal style. 

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