Thursday, 16 February 2017

About 5 Seasons Late To The Slip Dress Trend

But, slip dresses allow for so much eating and moving...

While referring to 'writer's block' seems vacuous and ignorant - even more so because I am not a published or professional writer; it happens to the best of us. So, in the simplest way, I am currently creating a mental checklist of all the things worthy of discussing about this outfit. 

Firstly, when the slip dress (and later, the velvet slip dress) trend was at its peak, I never climbed onto the bandwagon - mainly because I was too preoccupied with exams to divulge in the latest trends (read my post about it here), but also because I just never found the perfect dress with a combination of femininity and grunge - without being too lingerie-esque or too 90's-biker. I picked up this slip dress in the Zara sale a few weeks ago and have been dying to wear it ever since. I also feel like the oversized biker jacket adds elements of this season to a very last season outfit. Oversized biker jackets have been everywhere and anywhere this season and I hope the trend continues only to grow throughout spring. I love the colour combination of the black and yellow, and the heavy texture clash between the velvet, faux worn leather, fur, gold accessories, sheer tights and canvas Converse. I have been really loving mixing textures together lately. 

Secondly, I am always on the lookout for pieces of clothing or outfits that easily combine comfort and style. My go-to look, as of late, has been gym leggings and trainers with an oversized t-shirt (a) because why not????; and b) because the athleisure trend gives me the perfect excuse). I also sometimes like to wear a pinafore with a turtleneck and tights because the loose cut of the dress allows plenty of room for over-eating and is perfect for the days when I feel slightly-off or bloated or just simply tired. This outfit is definitely being added to my list of go-to comfort outfits. The soft unstructured shape of the dress meant it was easy to wear for a full day and felt so comfortable standing, sitting and lying (always). 

Lastly, I wanted to note that these photos were taken at 8'o'clock in a location planned about 30 seconds before the photos were taken. I used to be firmly of the mind that photos would only look good with a professional camera and in God-sent summer's natural lighting. I have been loving experimenting with different poses, lighting, locations and editing recently - namely using the flash on my camera to create much stronger and harsher photos. I also love the feel of the photos: dark and candid with the urban backdrop. 

Velvet slip dress - Zara, sale
Oversized aux leather fur biker jacket - Stradivarius
Necklace - my own
Gold hoop earrings - Primark
Black turtleneck - Primark

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