Sunday, 12 January 2014

Lazy Sunday; Creative To-Do List & Motivational Messages

Bonjour ladies and gents,

The events, of late, have been most dreary and somewhat similar to that of the day before. And while my mind and body have been grateful and at rest; my creative juices have been feeling rather neglected. Nonetheless; today was again a lazy day. And, yippee, what a day it was! Amongst doing nothing, I did several un-stimulating (Is this a word? Probably not!) things. I read, because, oh, what joys reading brings! I baked a smashing potato and vegetable fritata, *proudly said*. Mostly, today was a resting day, a dreaming day, an un-thinking day (Ooh! Making up words now!); a day filled with Etsy gazing *hand goes up*, Pinterest gawking *hand up again*, tumblr giggles *wave your arms in the air like you just don't care!*; singing badly and dancing even worse. But I rested and, boy, do I feel good!

Maybe tomorrow I will complete six impossible things before breakfast. Maybe I will dream the impossible, possible. For those adventure filled days ahead, and those cranky 'What should we do today?'s: a few ideas to swirl in your creative mind:

  • read
  • watch a film
  • bake
  • recycle and craft old cards into new cards
  • scrapbook those memories
  • try out that new hairstyle
  • get fancy with nail art
  • cuddle a little furry creature
  • write a story
  • have a luxurious bath
  • pamper yourself
  • take some cool pictures
  • blog a bit
  • while away the hours on YouTube
  • take a walk
  • go for a swim; or splash
  • meditate
  • scour Pinterest for some craft-able ideas
  • cycle

I feel like now is a good time to re-quote some witty, spiffy and most enlightening quotes.

These images were lovingly adopted from Pinterest; original source unknown

I survived the first week back at school, and now, with the second week looming ahead, I do believe it is, without further ado, time for a well-deserved, extra-bubbly bath time.

Lots of love
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