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My January Favourites

Hello again,

Today has, again, been somewhat stressful: running around doing last minute odds-and-ends and packing my school bag for tomorrow's looming day at school (then panicking about last minute homework). Sitting down now, writing this, seems like a good and sensible way to finish off what could probably have been listed as one of the most hectic days. Now, however, I am grateful to be able to sit down, put my feet up, dream about that lovely hot chocolate with mini marshmallows that I will not be able to have because of some crazy New Year resolution to try and eat healthier (who ever invented dieting!?), and wait, with anticipation, for the new series of 'Mr.Selfridge' on ITV that has finally decided to grace our lives after what seems like an endless interval.

Somehow, I am smoothly shimmying onto my 'current favourites'. I found this a challenge, to be quite honest. After deciding it was something I would quite like to do a post about; I figured I would have to have something to write about; thus, the dreading task of compiling a list of 'current favourites' arose. I am not all that into designer make-up or beauty brands (which after doing innumerable investigating on other similar blog posts, I realised was what most people's favourites tend to be), and my own creative juices had decided to dry up. It took a while and many ponderous nights and days: I think I have something worthy of sharing, and that I feel is honest and things that I have truly been loving.

1.  Spaghetti Hoops - by Heinz, if we are being pedantic

I have never really liked these so I have absolutely no idea why I suddenly do. I still think they taste awful unless spiced with garlic, salt and pepper, but now I actually eat them and, surprisingly, enjoy them. I am 100% certain that they are not the most nutritional of foods and probably have more preservatives, colourings, flavourings and anything else bad that could possibly be thrown into food; correct me if I am wrong, because I essentially could be as it tastes very tomato-y (this is probably not a real word).

2. Homemade Frozen Yoghurt

Yes! These are so good! It is usually around this time each year that I give up on my New Year resolutions however in my attempt to steer well clear of any unhealthy foods this year, turning to frozen yoghurt has kept me going. They have been my heroes whenever I see real ice cream or a chocolate bar. I just put the yoghurt, whole, into the freezer and remove many hours later, eat and dream of bunnies, beaches and many happy things!

3. Tinned fish in Tomato Sauce

Anything, from herring to sardines to kippers - so delicious!

4. The Mortal Instruments Series: The City of Bones

This was a wee bit difficult to get into; the author, Cassandra Clare, seemed slightly inexperienced through the first few chapters of the book. However, as I read on, the book became so enthralling and I just loved it! 

4. Nude Watch - by Next

This was a Christmas gift from my lovely Mom and Dad - thank you again!

5. Primark Nail Polishes

Contrary to what you might think, these are probably some of the best I have. They are not waterry, nor are they gloopy. I have three sets now: bright summer colours, darker winter colours and glittery party colours. 

6. Travel Documents Case - by Paperchase

I realise my descriptions have been getting gradually less and less as the post has progressed, and for that, I apologise. I just love this travel documents case, I think it is so adorable. I have just summed it up in one sentence. 

7. 'The Notebook'

This is such a beautiful film.


This is a website that I have only recently discovered but I absolutely love it. There are so many amazing fashion inspiration ideas and gorgeous outfits - I just adore it! Definitely go and give it a cheeky gander!

9. Best Song Ever, by One Direction

I have a deep and profound love for 1D - a Directioner, if you will - even more so, when this song was released. I find my self, at many unplanned moments of the day singing this song in my rather un-tuned voice. Zayn makes a surprisingly attractive girl and, Oh Harry, wow, so mischievous; Niall, a personal preferance, of course; Liam - loving the shimmy; Louis,  always a favourite. 

What have you been loving this month?
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