Saturday, 28 March 2015

Are They Boyfriend Or Are They Straight?

So let's discuss these jeans? Are they boyfriends or relaxed straight or relaxed boyfriend or straight boyfriend or some other made-up combination? I was looking for something spring/summer-y, something casually ripped, chic but shabby, boyfriend-ish... you know, so we could just sit around in relaxed jeans and sneakers in Disneyworld or some other exciting location.

Ok, nobody freak out but I found these and I think they're pretty fantastic. Legit, they're just the comfiest and easiest throw-on-with-five-minutes-to-spare-because-mom-said-we-are-late jeans. Most importantly, I can poke my fingers through the little ripped areas and pretend I'm getting patchy tan line blobs (fyi, this would never happen because we live in England and there is no summer, summer doesn't exist.)

I am a very proficient jean wearer. I've been wearing these beauties with relaxed tees and sneakers, my black turtleneck and brogues, shirts, my grey ribbed turtleneck. Everything goes, seriously.

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