Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER (can I include some Easter related emojis? Are there even any decent Easter emojis? Other than the bunny? The bunny doesn't count.)

I may or may not have found out I was pregnant today. I am actually about 2 months pregnant already. The father is chocolate. Like from the Easter egg family. I plan to go on some sort of a juice/smoothie cleanse/no snacks/go to the gym as much as possible but actually probably only manage half an hour on one day for £10. So I have like 3 months to get rid of the food baby and believe me when I say you can expect a second Karlie Kloss by the middle of June. Kind of. Maybe not as blonde. Or tall. Or Karlie-ish.

Easter was great though. I hope you had a great Easter. I have only one message for you. I hope your day was filled with pink nails coated in white Barry M confetti, fruit loaf, hot cross buns, apple crumble, daffodils, mint teas, spring woodland walks, lemony couscous salads, partially boring films followed by crazy Channing Tatum comedy thrillers followed by Jaws (not really Jaws though). I genuinely do hope your Easter was better than fantastic. And if it wasn't, fear not. Easter monday is tomorrow so you better not have finished all your eggs yet. 

PS. Why do we have hot cross buns on easter morning instead of eggs? Is it not miuch more appropriate to have, say, scrambled eggs? 

PPS. I attempted to start a YouTube channel. This was an attempt that failed. Miserably. I think I need to wait until the summer holidays tbh because I need to have free time to do regular videos. Also it's really super way too awkward to speak to a camera with no one else in the room so i definitely need practice. I think I want to do it on fitness and health and being a vegan etc. so if you're into those kinds of party games then you should check it out. When it happens. If it happens. 

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