Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Edingburgh #3 | Inbetween Season Sweater Top

So you know when you think a trip away will do you good because you will have extra time to eat more biscuits and visit aesthetic gardens and stuff. Well you know when you realise that you were wrong and you finally understand that a trip away could only ever make you more tired because now you have extra homework to catch up on and way too many teloevision shows that you missed.

Last night I said I was going to bed at 9. That was a failed mission. I then obviously had to watch Holby City followed by Ordinary Lies followed by Mr Selfridge. So going to bed at 11:30 was entirely not my fault and I think all my teachers should have let me sleep during lessons today. 

Because I went on a trip and I had leftover episodes to watch. So not my fault then.  

Edinburgh was amazing, brilliant, beautiful. The weather was lovely on the first two days we stayed there with only a slight breeze. Then the real Scottish weather decided to appear and I think I may have some frost bite. I tried to be strategic and pack a inbetween-season wardrobe with light jumpers, a denim jacket, summery tops and these trusty jeans. This was once again the wrong decision as I actually needed thermal underwear and earfuffs. Literally

In England, this would have been the perfect outfit though. I love this sweater/top from Polo Ralph Lauren because can you really tell whether it is a sweater or a top? I think it could totally pass as either which makes it the perfect is-it-Spring-is-it-Winter piece. With my deinm jacket, this was the perfect Winter comfort in Spring. Let's bridge the gap. Let's wear socks and sandals.

I also really love the simplistic colour and style. The white is easily managable and is very ready-to-wear with any denim staple, in a monochrome look, or with darker brights. This is unapolagetically a statement piece on it's own or transforms any outfit into having the whole 'effortlessly cool' vibe. 

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