Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Top 10 Current Favourite Films On NowTV

I blame the weather wholeheartedly for no further outfit posts. I planned to take some photos outside yesterday, which was obviously a defeated plan.

Anyway, films are kind of important. When else would you have the perfect opportunity to eat spiced popcirn out of those super cute movie cinema holder things? Would there have been half as many celebrity couples is cinemas were not invented? How would anyone go on movie dates?

We subscribed to Sky's NowTV a few months ago and it has changed my social life about 50% and my film knowledge has increased by at least 20 star points. There is such a variety of films and the selection is really up to date so I never actually have to go to the cinemas ever again (pocket bonus). Films are really asking for your attention. Like, they don't scream and shout. They just politely ask for your attention. You should definitely listen to them and watch them. Popcorn adds extra sparkle and a spoon with peanut butter knows really understands the whole film situation. Apparently it's not sociable to eat peanut butter with a spoon though - who decided? 

Love Actually

I feel like my rom-com life has been fulfilled as I've now watched Love Actually. I can return to Fantasy again. The casting in this film is excellent, I feel like I've entered Hollywood.

Mandela: Walk to Freedom

This was an amazing and funny and enlightening film. A bit of a cryer but so well made. I felt like I could lead an army when it had finished. I am an empowred woman. 

White House Down

I watched this film three times in two nights. Half because it had Channing Tatum in and half because it was probably the best action film I have seen in a while. I have a slight/major love for American police and thriller/crime films. Everything was so tense and way more exciting than getting a new pair of shoes.

The Incredibles

Watch The Incredibles because it will make you a better person, firstly because you will finally understand what the sequel is about, and secondly because, like me, you will have watched or re-watched a truly excellent disney film. It was lighthearted and funny but not too young. I think I may possibly have loved it ever so slightly more than Frozen. 

The Book Thief

I would be so own for going to the cinema with you if it were to watch a hiostorical film remake. Preferably this one. It was the most beautiful storyline and so enlightening also. Like, I think I needed to take a cooling shower after watching it because I went through the whole emoptional spectrum twice. 

The Amazing Spider Man 2

Andrew Garfield for president. Andrew Garfield for my boyfriend.  was never into superhero films prior to the past two or three months. This film, however, was so tense and fantastical and it featured Andrew garfield in a very tight lycra Spiderman suit. Brownie bonus points.

Bad Neighbours

If my relationship to Andrew Garfield were to fail, I would have to turn to Zac Efron (aka. Troy). I laughed so hard at this film although the humour is slightly crude and 12+. I love Seth Rogen more than life so any film with him in would surely be brilliant. 

World Trade Centre

This was the second time watching this film. Both times I nearly died and was resuccitated. I always love films depicting 9/11 and this was particullarly super. It was so impressive and suspenseful and the acting was truly brilliant. 

PS. My favourite food at the moment is stirfry 
PPPS. I tried to start a YouTube channel and I attempted to film my first video. Bear with me. For a very long time, as long as it takes, because my first efforts cannot really be classed as efforts. 
PPPS. Eat stirfry and watch films though.

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