Sunday, 19 April 2015

Edinburgh Photo Diary

I think the weather is definitely a weekend person. Evevery single weekend the sun just gets up and is like 'You know what, let's just skip spring someletely, let's go straight to British July.' And then on Monday-Friday the sun feels really depressed so rain and freezing-ness takes over. It's totally all planned out. 

So then obviously it was really sunny when we went to Edinburgh - sunny but cold because it was Edinburgh and you can't have everything. 

It was a seriously good holiday and there was so much opportunity to take photos (i.e. get a rad Instagram feed..... i.e. get more Instagram followers). The architecture throughout the whole city was ridiculously beautiful and very uninterrupted with the same styles and patterns. Everything had a 'just-left-the-tudors-but-jumped-straight-to-the-georgians' feel. 

We ate so much good food. Sometimes you just really need a stuffing breakfast followed by a whole bag of sweets before 10am and there's really no explaining why. Sometimes you also then need to have curried vegetable pies for lunch and curry and rice for dinner. The best place to find that curry and rice is always going to be a South African restaurant - it honestly doesn't matter which one, just go and make sure they have wither Fanta Grape or Cream Soda.

What is up with the UK not having Fanta Grape?

As it was a birthday trip (just a really really late one), my birthday meal of choice was Pizza Express, never yet to fail. And we went to this crazy awesome simulation type interactive game room in which you get 'locked' into a themed room and have an hour to find an object and escape - near enough the coolest thing ever to be done. Since my first experience with not being able to decode super easy mathematical riddles, wherein we didn't realise to turn the typewriter up and sat for half an hour staring at the blank paper wondering where the code was, I have come to understand and accept that I will forever lack in the field of simplicity.

We also saw some pretty snazzy Scottish bagpipers and so many (so many) people wearing kilts. One question - how breezy is it? 

Can we just take a moment to discuss the Old Town? It's like a real-life Balamory. I got really excited when I realised that I could take a photo of multi-coloured houses down the road. Like, really excited. And it became really difficult to walk into a shop and not walk out with a whole bag full of purchases. If you are anything like me and get fuzzy and warm inside when you enter a hand-crafted store, just go to Edinburgh. Go today. There are so many vintage craft stores and cutsie caf├ęs. 

Obviously we saw Edinburgh Castle. I am weirdly interested in British history and so it felt mildly necessary to buy an information book just to prove I, too, had seen the landmark. Also so I can read it and make pages of notes. Definitely recommend a visit.

If you're not going for the historical elements - go to the National Museum of Scotland (mostly for the extremely fresh and flowery smelling toilets and stunning architecture on the staircases and ceilings) or the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (mostly for the exquisite painted walls and pretty cool Joburg-inspired exhibition - idk if it's still showing). PS. Spot the fashionable lady wearing tinted sunglasses and black lace gloves. She was probably an in-disguise designer for an upcoming fashion house. 

PPS. I know the photos should probably be in order.


  1. I would love to visit Scotland! I applied for uni there :) Great photos!

    1. Thank you lovely and it is such a beautiful country, I would love to study in Edinburgh x