Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Architecture | The National Museum of Scotland

Firstly, spot the cool man in a woolen jumper on the left below. Whoever you are, I appreciate your style and I am sure you are doing a great job at life.

Secondly, take in the seriously amazing architecture that is going on in all of the photos. To be honest, we went to the NMS because we had nothing else planned to do and I actually ended up taking more photos than of anywhere else in Edinburgh. Over half of these photos were retakes of the shoes-on-way-too-cool-tiles photo, but still

I have been interested in architecture since forever. My earliest memories are of me and my dad sitting drawing pictures of houses with floor plans and filling them with the appropriate rooms and furniature. This was when the other girls were drawing pictures of flowers and princesses. I drew houses. 

I love the creativeness in whoever designed this' mind. The staircase had wire fencing between the gaps in the handrail which ticked the box for functionality as well as stylishness. The whole museum had a very Grecian/ Brighton pier feel. I almost felt as though we were in a converted Victorian greenhouse. 

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