Thursday, 7 May 2015

Transeasonal Sleeveless Sweater

Firstly. Don't question my expression in the first photo. I either had just found out that the cottage pie we were having for dinner was actually going to be soggy mashed potatoes and veg; or I became angry with the bee who was totally and constantly trying to ruin my photoshoot and modelling career and life and just blame it on the bee, generally.

Mid-season sounds great in theory. You would get a bit of both without being too commited to either. It sounds like the kind of season that could work for a lot of people. 

How wrong you are.

Those crazy-weather days when it is not quite summer but not really winter either bring the most stress imaginable. Do I wear jeans and potentially be hot or shorts and possibly be cold? Do I go for tights or socks? Long-sleeved or short-sleeved?

I just don't feel prepared or ready to be put through that amount of stress on deciding an outfit. I have been wearing my denim jacket so often i think people think it's the only jacket I own. I have also been wearing this sleeveless-jumper a lot. And brogues. But it would be best to just wear brogues all year round actually.

Here's my submission to the world's transeasonal wardrobe. All praise the sleeveless jumper/top which I found could easily be taken from slightly colder days to those which are warmer. Like, your arms will unfortunately be always cold, but you are garunteed to have a lovely and toasty torso. I think that's a bargain I would be prepared to make. 

But you could definitely wear this over a sheer blouse or a white shirt for a cooler-days look. 

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