Monday, 25 May 2015

Rehoming an Abandoned Vintage Shirt

PS. The hat is not mine, I stole it because I think it makes me look edgy and cool and very photographic. Can you feel it?

Praise the unwanted shirts in my mom's very 90's vintage cupboard. This shirt was in the give-to-charity heap so I'm pretty sure this outfit is me saving a life and returning some true love to an abandoned and disused SUPER FUNKY shirt. 90% certain it would have just gathered dust in a charity shop and if it ever was rehomed, still would have had to endure those lonely months prior. So thank me, the inner saviour is strong. 

I have been taking full advantage of charity shops and alike lately. On Saturday we went into Manchester to do some shopping with no apparent money and I fell in love with a vintage sale marquee thing. Can it even be called a charity shop if nothing is cheaper than £12? I thought they were supposed to be being generous to me. Anyway. I picked up another shirt with blue and red stripe going on - very Topshop SS15 style - for £15 so an absolute bargain considering it is actual vintage. 

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  1. How lucky are you to get those on trend pieces for free! I recently bought a similar denim skirt from Zara and I'd love to try styling it with an oversized shirt soon!
    Dalal x