Monday, 29 June 2015

it's actually sunny

The jubilation when you take that one photo that looks absolutely fanbtastic. This is that photo. Sometimes, for an entire shoot, I get very distracted by a tree and elderflower, and then in an attempt to look like MJ, none of the photos actually involve my face to the camera. 
That happens to everyone, right?

The summer months in the North of England range from heat-waves and get the barbecue out, to its storming - let's get the barbecue out anyway. This week we are having a heat-wave. Lke, full on. Everyone is going through the hair-up phase and many an ice lolly are being eaten. 

I find it especially amusing that the paddling pool (marketed as fitting a fully grown family in, with copious amounts of legroom - which in all honesty is about a metre in diameter) has been blown up. 
It's not quite that warm. 

This is my outfit for the heat. It's very 'I'm-in-France-on-the-beach', I think. 

I've never had hat hair. I've always wanted hat hair. Who actually has hat hair. Or a hat face. I don't have a hat face either. If your hair is down you look very flattened out, but if your hair is up, it created a weird unwanted bulge at the back of your hair under the hat. Why. This hat is the only good hat I have ever bought.I can avoid the disagreeable lump quite nicely. And it follows the whole French-riviera thing. And it lets me express my enthusiasm for hats and life. 

It's just a very good summer hat. 

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