Thursday, 14 May 2015

Iris Apfel

So I saw the name Iris Apfel on Ellie's blog and recognised it from my subconscience (because Iris is obvs my soulmate/ future life goals). I then went on to google her and fell thoroughly and absolutely in love with both her way-too-awesome complete and honest personality and bold and colourful and unique style. I really feel like my love and appreciation for the older generation has peaked. This year has been the rise of the senior supermodel, what with advertising campaigns from Saint Laurent, C√©line and Dolce & Gabbana. Iris herself is the new face of Kate Spade. I also love love love the blog Advanced Style. There's a lot going on lately that show these women only get more stylish and more fashionable with age. 

Iris Apfel was born in New York to a Russian mother who ran a fashion boutique and an American father who owned a glass business. She studied Art History at New York University and then started an interior design business with her husband. Now she consults and lectures about style and other fashion topics and was listed as one of the best dressed over-50's (totally agreeable). 

She just completely sums up all my goals for a 93 year old woman. If I ever lost my imagination, I would rely on those who have read this post to somehow turn me into an Iris look-a-like. Get me some funky sunglasses and lay it thick on the bangles. I also want prints and sparkles and only couture. 

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