Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Funky Spring Trainer Wishlist

Clockwise from top left

How wrong is it to want 8+ pairs of new trainers when I have no more space in my wardrobe to put any shoes of any sort? On a scale of 1-10, I mean, is it really that bad? I'm vouching for the no side. I have started to stack my harder shoes at the bottom and my softer shoes on top to maximise storage potential. I think I'm being quite clever actually. 

Also, we're not going to talk about the fact that I have no money going for me and that I spent the very last remains of any money I ever had on (actually the most gorgeous) two pairs of jeans. Let's just let that one go, ok. 

I know it is still technically winter - or is it - but the daffodils have made their appearance and have begun to bloom in our backgarden. I cound faint from excitement. I, therefore, have left winter and all the boots and jumpers that come with it behind me, and have taken up the free life of living with smoothies and denim jackets beside the poolside. If I had a pool. Or if it was warm enough to be outside. I'm settling in well.

I hope this spring brings really lovely weather, good hair, better green smoothies, funky shoes, fruit crumbles and general good vibes. There is a major shoe trend going on with pastels and running styles. I'm into it. We should talk about that now.

Trainers are majorly in this season with the sporty-but-actually-just-shopping trend. You know how (you should know) I feel about casual outfits with a sporty vibe. I really want to be into wearing cool colourful sneakers with relaxed jeans except I am waiting for my birthday to recieve those jeans and it would also be really great and super helpful if someone bought me some trainers. 

Take your pick, any of the above would be awesome. 

Let's trainer. Its a verb, get on board.

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