Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Liebster Award.

There's a spirit in the air, can you feel it? It's palpable and very much confetti shaped. It's the kind of feeling you get after you realise that you have been twice-nominated for a blogging award which actually equates to your blog has been noticed and read by more people that your parents, that one friend feels sorry for you, and the one twitter follower you got who worships your every move (please dont stop, I love your comments!). This feeling could easily be confused with the emotion that one feels when you take a particularly attractive selfie from a particularly attractive angle in a really excellent light with one of those cool Pinterest-y mini plants in the background. You know the one.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was nominated on the lovely Molly's blog, MORI-RO-ZU as well as on the lovely Hannah Jane's blog.

The Liebster Award is to help bloggers with less than 200 followers (ahem...) to discover and be discovered, as well as to share some facts about themselves. I now have 19 questions to answer - 11 from each blog I was nominated by although I merged the questions that were the same. 

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is the idea that I am sharing my daily life and favourite things with other people in the world with the same interests as me. 

2. Do you prefer blogs or vlogs?

It depends what mood I am in. I prefer vlogs when I have the time to watch them, I find nosying into other's lives very satisfying and entertaining. I prefer blogs when I have the time to sit down and read them without disruption and when I am in the mood to blog myself as I find them to be very good inspiration. 

3. Who are 5 of your favourite bloggers?

Gorgeous fashion and the funniest, wittiest writer - Amy
The sassiest writing queen - Justina
Delicious looking food, the cutest cat, such entertaining reads and brilliant foodie photos - Joy,
Vegan and delicous with the ultimate best food photos, need I say more - Dana
Such stylish, on-trend outfits, AND SHE'S AN ASOS STYLIST (!!!) - Megan

4. Who is your favourite Disney princess/character?

Tiana or Jasmine, because I think they are the bravest and most independant princesses; they sing like pros and I really want to steal their wardrobes. Tremendous successes. 

5. What is your favourite quote?

Journalist: What do you think of Western civilization?
Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.

6. What is your favourite social media?

Instagram, by far.

7. What languages do you speak?

German, English. I can hold up a broken conversation in French for 5 minutes, I can count to 10 in Italian and Afrikaans and I can say no in Russian. Niet.

8. What is your star sign & Chinese zodiac?

Aries and Dragon. Let it be known. 

9. What is your favourite season and celebration?

I am solely interested in Christmas. Take a breather to appreciate the loveliness of 2 weeks eating cookies and wearing awkward reindeer pyjamas more days out of the week than not. If you're not sparkly, or extra gooey then I can't deal with you right not. Kale can be saved for summer.

10. What would your ideal next 5 years consist of?

Man, I can't think that crazy deep into life. (I can plan good meals ahead though - rice on tuesday.) Although, somewhere along the line of things, I would like to grow my blog more and connect with other people. I also hope to start a YouTube channel covering similar topics as I do on my blog. 

11. What is your favourite makeup brand and why?

I would tell you if I knew. I am not really a huge makeup wearer, I tend to just wear whatever I find and if it looks ok and makes my eyelashes look 26% longer, then it stays. I never actually look at brands when buying. I actually never buy makeup, someone usually does that for me. I do, however, really love the packaging of Bourjois and Soap and Glory and I also love Barry M nail varnish. 

12. What is your favourite skin care product and why?

Again, I don't really look at brands when I buy products so I don't think my answer is very valid. I use a face scrub whenever I remember (never) and a face mask on weekends (also never). I moisturise every morning with Simple (most of the time never).

13. Is there a celebrity that inspires you?

Emma Watson will forever be the most amazing lady on earth. I think she may secretly be my long-long sister. Or best friend. Either is fine as long as I can relish and bask in her eternal amazing-ness forever more. Empowering speeches, sassy brows and ├╝ber stylish clothes for all. 

14. What type of foundation do you use?

I don't. I really cannot be bothered and my skin feels very hidden and buried when I wear skin makeup. I also don't see the need. (You probably look super hot wearing it though, so go for it.)

15, Tell me something about yourself.

My party trick is drinking upsidedown so the fluid runs back out of my nose. (Warning: don't use orange juice.)

16. What is the one item you really want to go out and buy?

Well, I am already in parent-debt because of pre-season splurges, so I cannot afford to think about that. I am getting some straight relaxed jeans from Zara for my birthday which I am very excited about (22 days, put in in your diary). You should most definitely get very excited also because I  have 3 A4-long lists of outfits I plan to wear them with, also to be found on my Pinterest. (That means more outfit posts and fun shaoes pancakes for everyone to celebrate.)

17. Have you ever used Motives Cosmetics before?

No, should I? I'll make a mental note. 

18. What is your life long goal?

To get a job that I really enjoy, that helps people, and that gives me a better than good salary. To one day have and own a chain of luxury hotels. 

19. How have you got where you are now?

If I assume this is refering to blogging then I started my blog because I constantly made pretend websitew when I was younger, on food, fashion or parties. I became inspired by some blogs I read at the time and realised what a blog actually was. Eventually I started my own and over time began to understand what topics I enjoyed writing about and what people enjoyed reading. It was a mess, but eventually there were posts and brownies (vegan, obvs.)

If this is refering to life: Pinterest motivational quotes, green tea, pocket money and determintation.

My nominees are:

Emily  - LifeWithAnE
Emma Georgina - The Style Latte

My questions are:

What is your ultimate go-to breakfast?
What is your favourite healthy breakfast?
If you could be a Disney character, who would you be?
Where is your ideal travel destination?
What is the one trend you are loving at the moment?
What is your perfect pizza?
What is the one thing you enjoy most about blogging?
What is your favourite store?
What would your ideal day consist of?
What quote/song best describes your current mood?
Darling, just tell me something about yourself. 


  1. Oh I did the Liebster Award a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. Truly loved the Ghandi quote, so much to take out of it. And by the way, Emma Watson is the best celebrity by long! Such an inspirational girl. Lovely post. Have a wonderful week,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. Thanks for the nomination! My answers just went up on my blog x