Tuesday, 24 February 2015

70's Neck-Ties and Thigh-High Boots

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I would never have thought of myself as a 70's trend lover, the decade has always hidden somewhat in the shadows of the fashion world - remaining a thought of mustard yellow bell bottoms and paisley wide-collared shirts. This spring however, the trend has emerged, and so very brilliantly. Everywhere you turn, over-the-knee boots are covering the stores, mini skirts, suede skirts, turtlenecks, shift dresses. It's absolutely amazing. 

What a wonderful fashionable spring to live in.

Although my over-the-knee boots have been a staple in my wardrobe since I bought them, as have my courdrouy pinafore and turtleneck; I quickly realised from the confused/embarrassed stares I received that the sam cannot be said for 98% of the British public. I really don't understand what it is about the little flashing of the knee or the retro-styled outfit that is so insulting?! #noshameinmygame

Anyhooooo, I also used the opportunity to test out my neck tie theory. I want to see if by wearing a gorgeous, beautiful, sassy, silky, printed neck tie, I look 110x better and always have a warm neck. I love the cool casual look they add and I love how they could effortlessly transform an outfit to being very chic.  

BOOBIES. Great. Now that I have your attention, can I write up a very long list of excuses as to why I have not writted a post in an awkward number of days.

  • I was caught unawares by the time and didn't realise it was Monday. I thought it was still the Christmas holidays and forgot to move on with life.
  • I also drank too much green tea and had to relieve myself on the toilet too often to write up a post...
  • I spent too long procrastinating and thinking about what posts I could write and never actually got around to writing anything.
  • It was far too cold and miserable to go outside to take any photos for an outfit post and I couln't bear to do another random/lifestyle post. 
I am she and she is sorry. Idk, I'm back now though.

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