Monday, 9 February 2015

SS15 Jeans Inspo.

If you need me anytime in the next few month, you will probably find me crying under some duvet in some dark room in the middle of the deepest forest in Narnia. You won't find me. The reason I will most definitely de there is because Narnia welcomes those who are upset because of clothes related melodramas. The White Queen gets it.

So, there's this boy in my class. Unnamed. Whenever he speaks or just enters the room, I get a sort of sinking feeling, like a hurricane or a really fast washing machine in my stomach. He just happens to be one those, you know. Like, when he speaks, he really goes for the overexaggerated French accent and remind everyoen 24/7 how he has been to every country on the earth at least three times and has a trip to Jupiter planned for next Christms. That type. 

That's the same feeling I got when I realised that within 9 hours the absolute nicest pair of jeans ON SALE had suddenly sold out. Not pleasant.

And the feeling is very easily mistakable.

They were honestly the PERFECT jeans - ripped in the right places, looks good quality, the best kind of blue, wide leg/straight leg/boyfriend. I was a trooper. But I'm not a size 10 and they only had one left in stock. I actually cried. There were real tears in the corners of my eyes. 

I think I've made up for it by finding a similar, also very beautiful pair of jeans on sale at Urban Outfitters. Don't you dare go buy them. I'm warning you - I can't go through that stress again. I'm rolling on ahead and planning the many lovely outfits I would wear if I had any version of those jeans. 

This season Vogue says to buy some 70's style flare jeans (preferably high waisted. preferably skinny on top.) so I need to buy some flare jeans. I also am majorly in to boyfriend jeans and cigarrette style/straight leg jeans. FYI. Be generous. 

PS. Topshop now says that the item is out of stock. IT WAS ME. 

Urban Outfitters

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