Thursday, 12 February 2015

The GRAMMY/BAFTA Review 2015

When I was born did my parents know or guess that I was going to be a fashion critic? No. I think they thought I was going to be a cleaner or a proffesional tennis player. We all know where those dreams failed and ended, years ago. (If I get a steamer the cleaner ambition may still be on the cards as a hobby). 

Today I am taking up that challenge - I am a fashion critic, kind of. Anyway, the BAFTAs and the GRAMMYs were seriously close to each other - like who does that? How can the two major television reality awards events (sub another of the Kardashians getting married) be practically on the same night? How is one expected to make that decision? I chose the BAFTAs because I was not ready to commit to being awake at unearthly hours. Obviously I caught up on the GRAMMYs through Vogue and YouTube. 

I attempted to keep a thought-track through both events but I failed miserably. Here's a rough idea though.

  • Stephen Fry hosted the BAFTAs and he was a real cracker. His use of metaphors is big-time competition for
  • Rita Ora's makeup at the GRAMMYs was absolutely beautiful and I now feel a need to have glitter falling out of my eyelids all the time.
  • Miley Cyrus had more clothes on than Madonna. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Nut she looked good.
  • Gwen Stenfanie pulled some major fashion stops and I think she looked like gothic Alice in Wonderland. So pretty great.
  • Nicki Minaj knows what the GRAMMYs are about. She knows how to work that booty and look cute and sassy and like a huge piece of eye-candy. 
  • Eddie Redmayne and Stephan Hawking should definitely become my new best friends. Or just take me under their wings. It would be much appreciated.
  • Some of the dresses at the BAFTAs make my eyes water - partially with happy appreciative slightly jealous tears. Also just out of dispair.

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