Thursday, 5 February 2015

Travel Wishlist

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I have a travel wishlist - don't we all. It all seems rather nonsensical because, let's be real, am I ever going to fly first class with Khloé K to Bali with the entire LV luggage set in tow? I am. Never stop dreaming kids.

But let's just fathom, just imagine, for one moment that Bali may one day be a reasonable possibility - then I would totally make the most of my trip and visit at least 6+ places in the same country/continent on the way. 

The thought of these hypothetic traves alone have enough unicorn-magic to bring a new atmosphere about in the air. Can you feel it? It's bringing all kinds of happy to me right now - cocoa smoothies, cake batter, hummus pittas, confetti cupcakes, glitter. It's the kind of exciting that might possibly be confused for the bad kind of jitters at first until the food table is revealed. Then you realise bad jitters could never capture the adventure feeling like food tables could. Good jitters, maybe. 

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