Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Rosie Assoulin SS17

Rosie Assoulin - the brand, and the outfits - is, in my opinion, the perfect example of fash-UN repelling, without too much of the repelling. 

Her style is what you would aspire to wear on a first date, if you so happened to desperately want to wear those new khaki oversized cotton belted not-Dad-style chinos; and yet still wanted to look and feel flattered and appear somewhat feminine and sexy, but still intriguing, with a sense of creativity and tbh - letting the other person know what they're in for. *pause for a breathe because that was all one sentence*

Not to copy Vogue, but I've selected my favourite Rosie Assoulin outfits and given you a typed commentary, with complimentary post-gym semi-lucid thoughts.

Why I love it: 

Have you seen that bag? I want a water carrying basket to carry my non-water items - please and thank you. I absolutely love the 1930's influence on this slightly resort-esque look - like a holidayer travelling to North Africa circa. 1938. I feel like the fashion scene has missed racer-style halter tops for a while after they were made tired somewhere around 2014 with the crop top craze. AND RUFFLES. I keep seeing a crisp white shirt somewhere in the back of my mind. Is that the basket bag speaking to my subconscious; or is it the pasta-coma I induced earlier?

Why I love it: 

Again with the 1930-40's safari holidayer vibe... I love it! If I am rating my level of excitement of the whole Rosie Assolin SS17 collection - 10 being 'wow, I've just discovered that my cat can boogie'; and 0 being '*dead laugh* oh, lol, it looks like I have just received a piece of homework due in tomorrow' - I am at a serious 10 for the continuous twisted halter necks popping up in so many outfits. A serious high for the colour as well; I have only recently decided that I was over shunning khaki. I went through a diva phase of eschewing khaki from my wardrobe after overindulging in the palette when cotton camo- jackets were all the rage, Being pragmatic: is it ever really summer, for longer than a week at most, in Britain? So, I'm actually feeling wearing the wrap halter top over a tight-fitting poloneck sweater. 

Why I love it: 

Wide-legged pants before, wide-legged pants now, wide-legged pants till I die. Like Kim's nude selfie... but pants. And can someone please just buy me an entire cargo-ship worth of halter neck tops - LOOK. AGAIN. 

Why I love it: 

I feel like my Rosie Assoulin SS17 alter-ego holiday-maker with a strong late 30's vibe; has now decided to enter the 1940's and take fashion cues from the war. My quintessential rule of online shopping this season has been 'don't even consider a pair of shoes that don't lace up the leg'. Can I get some kickflare jeans into the picture, under the dress - buttons slightly more undone. I want to wear dresses as capes; join the bandwagon.

Why I like it: 

Oh look! We've entered the 70's! There's a lot to unpack here: a) I have an undiscovered (until right now) love for aqua and red stripes; b) the best possible outfit choice I could wear tomorrow would be a polo top with flare pants; and, c) tennis inspired trends are something to pay more attention to. Note: on this day, Rosie Assoulin's SS17 collection inspired me to shift my life over to the beach and spend year-long hiatuses there, wearing vertically-striped flared pants and dramatically pretending to play tennis. My life was so cold and boring before, non?

Why I like it: 

Where were we before white t-shirts/shirts? They are the ultimate lazy day saviour. Don't know what to wear today? Throw on a plain white shirt. Outfit needs toning down? Add in a plain white t-shirt. Feel like a base would add dimension? 99.9% sure a white t-shirt is your answer. I have always preferred white to black as a basic block colour because of its brightness and sharpness. I sometimes feel - contrary to very controversial popular belief - that black gets lost and muddled up. So, HELLO, can you imagine my joy when I saw this genius creation: a power-shouldered white shirt with something more. I am all about basic staples that have that little something extra - ie. the 12/10 cute yellow smiley on the back. Is it too late to reference a 'Damn Daniel' joke?... back at it again with those lace up sandals.

All photos taken from vogue.co.uk

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