Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Accessorising A Swimsuit In Delray Beach

Accessorising a bikini top + sarong in the hopes that people will take it as a summer wedding guest what-should-I-wear guide. Or you could wear a bikini to a business meeting (someone test trial this and let me know...).

Lana Thomas (aka. Mandy Moore) singing the lyrics "stupid cupid, stop picking on me" at the beach party in The Princess Diaries is a scene that has stuck with me for many years. For no particular reason, this outfit screams Lana Thomas circa. beach party evening to me. (Maybe it's the midi pink skirt - mine's a sarong). 

During the summer months this year, I went to Miami and Orlando with my family. The temperatures reached 30° on a cold day - enjoy the sound of that. Wouldn't summer be easy-breezy if we all just wore swimwear to all possible locations. Imagine: a shopping centre entirely filled with people wearing board shorts and neoprene bandeaus. I am sure people would feel so much more fulfilled - especially if the board shorts were pink and red polka dot. 

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