Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Evening Dressing When It's Too Hot (Navy Fine Pleats)

Evening dressing is stressful enough, without heat. SUMMER SURVIVORS.

The heat of summer makes everything fall into slack. My gym motivation becomes very lacking and I have to motivate myself with new gym shorts and orange-infused water (the oranges are cut into stars because why not?.. - and also because otherwise the motivation aspect doesn't really work... aka: only stars are fun). My hair has a sudden realisation that it might be more productive to turn frizzy and my upper lip really nurtures its relationship with sweat. Fun! If I even tried to wear makeup or leave my hair down and sticking to my back, I might pass out.I like to believe that I am not the only one. When I read the title 'light makeup ideas for summer' I know (deep down) that the author of said title must have a high pain threshold or have an unusual sense of humour. 

So when it is deemed a suitable/necessary time to leave behind my favourite comfortable wide-legged anti-chafe stride and wear something more sparkly/glittery/sequin-adorned/fun-loving than a bikini and towel - I had to find a way to survive!

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