Tuesday, 23 August 2016

*Transitional Autumn Outfit* Khaki Is Back Again (Did It Ever Really Leave)

I have rewritten this first sentence four times - help

Without using the cliched words 'writer's block' (because you have to be an actual writer to call yourself a writer with writer's block...), I decided to safely take everything back to basics and tell you my thought process both when getting dressed this morning and when wearing this outfit. Really, this is more of a review, I'm just trying to make everything sound much more exciting than it is - necessary because it's autumn - in case you didn't already know from the freezing mornings and wet leaves on the ground (what!!!!!why!!!!), *cries* - I smelt it and I felt it. 

I bought these pants in the Zara summer sale for £10! I get the same rush when I find a heavily discounted gorgeous item of clothing that I get when I see a newborn baby furry animal. On a scale of one-to-ten (ten being an encounter with the newborn baby furry animal - possibly wearing a bowtie and tophat) - the excitement I feel when walking into Zara when they have a sale on is 11. I haven't had much opportunity to wear these trousers this summer because I've been away on holiday and the weather has been surprisingly warm in England - keep it coming pls. When I went outside this morning I could just smell autumn, so, to make lemonade from lemons, it gave me the perfect opportunity to wear these trousers. 

I love how flattering they are and how they manage to make you look both slim and curvy at the same time (hey Kim K). I am so into how high-waisted they are - properly high waisted, not just skimming somewhere above the belly button like trousers in many high-street shops are. The height of the trousers is almost a statement in itself and the cinched-in waist makes the trousers equally masculine and feminine. I normally steer clear of khaki as I am still trying to cleanse and detox from 2012's suffocating camouflage army jacket trend; but the colour of these trousers goes with absolutely everything and happens to make my look very tanned - always a bonus! Also, khaki and chinos are reappearing in my life be means of social media. I have seen a lot of articles lately about chinos and how to rework them in a non-90's-dad way. I'm so in to that! The 90s had great back-to-school style. I would take it as far as saying that when casual and comfortable clothing is considered, the 90s definitely win - so obviously chino-esque pants do too!

I have also been on the lookout for a bodysuit for a long time now, and finally found one that was my style, not too revealing (so that I could also wear it in the daytime), comfortable and still able to make a statement. I bought this one at Primark for £6 about a week ago and absolutely love it! It has a semi-low back - low enough to be a talking point but not low enough to take the spotlight from the gorgeous star print. Star print is definitely my new favourite print. In an all honest review fashion, the black of the bodysuit could be a little blacker, but I think that might just be the way it looks in certain lights - and I can't really complain because I did buy it on the cheaper side. The cheaper the top, the bluer the black? That's how the saying goes, right?

I have wanted high converse for ages and I have circled through all the colours - literally like a crazy person - when deciding what colour I should get (baby pink, bottle green, black, burgundy). In the end, black seemed like the most versatile and suitable for winter - and they are so comfortable. I love the 90s vibe of the converse - again very back-to-school appropriate so get ready to see them a lot. To be honest, I would very much like to be trial-run them on a camping trip or maybe scuba-diving. I am betting on top marks for comfort and (maybe, probably, possibly) above half-marks for practicality.

The denim jacket has been in my wardrobe for probably the last six years and to be honest, it is all I ever wear. I am getting very bored of it now and so felt that it was finally time to invest in some new jackets. Honestly, until about a week ago, I only had a raincoat, this denim jacket and a navy blue wool peabody style coat. Now I own a khaki duster style trench coat and a soft pink bomber jacket as well. 

I am a happy bunny.

PS. I almost forgot: this is my first autumnal outfit post of 2016! I can't decide whether that is a good thing or not. Be optimistic and look forward to Halloween...

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