Monday, 15 August 2016

Wearing The Nautical Trend In 2016

Anything red, blue or white is a summer classic. I said it.

Up until the age of 7, my mom dressed me, and during the summer months I dressed significantly in sailor-esque or seaside inspired; because, according to my mom (and tbh a lot of people), the nautical trend and summer are a perfect marriage and it is a trend that we could never hope to go out of fashion (#classic). The truth was drilled into me so much that even now, as I dress myself or seriously attempt to, when May rolls around my wardrobe filters in much more cream, red, navy, straw and white and I inevitably become much more sea-orientated. I love the nautical trend because of its cool, easy-breezy vibe. Nautical pieces are pretty much internationally-known as staples because of the heavily-used geometric patterns and neutral block colours. There is nothing more pleasing than dressing in a themed outfit or inspired by a character, however, when people are overcome with excitement at the possibility of wondering the streets dressed as a Hermione Granger look-a-like; things can get confused and there is a much higher chance of people getting suspicious about the extra pie slice you tried to accio yesterday. After coming to terms with this outfits subtle Popeye-like characteristics; I tried to reinvent the nautical trend and add some extra 2016 seasoning - crotchet, straw bags, cotton, slides. PS. my new favourite thing ever is skorts.

Skorts - Zara; Top - Zara

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