Friday, 22 July 2016

Blair Waldorf Is Giving Me Life Envy

I would much rather be the Queen B of Manhattan, dishing out very adverse but soundly accurate life advice, wearing couture to feed ducks and eating green grapes with the most vigour; than probably just about anything else.

The only mantra one needs. You can be your own Grace Kelly if you only just believe. This works if you actually happen to be Grace Kelly - in which case, alert the newspapers because many popular articles have their facts wrong - or if you just enjoy embodying alter-ego princesses.

I have recently been bullied into believing that the only way to achieve maximum ultimate happiness and a good digestive system is through substantial use of a high-factor suncream and 'comfort shoes'. Blair Waldorf disagrees. I have never liked wedding daytime attire more. Fashion is for everyday and very street is a catwalk.

If someone told me that Blair Waldorf was a real-life time-travelling Elizabethan Queen, I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I think I should make this incantation a more solid detail in my life... imagine what good it could do when facing the angry line of customers ahead of you when you just need to skip the queue to get a straw.

Whereas Serena ticks the box for designer/bohemian/glam, Blair Waldorf encompasses the ideal image of a preppy chic and incredibly stylish socialite. Cue the alarm bells because my autumn wardrobe now includes coloured tights.

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