Friday, 1 July 2016

You Probably Didn't Know This About Me

Quick-fire irrelevant questions that you probably don't want to hear an answer to - but maybe you're currently on a bus...

Tea or coffee?

No. Just no. Also no to hot chocolate, that weird concoction that people pass off as hot lemonade, especially no to hot cordial. I drink (*drain and hesitantly guzzle) herbal tea for the apparent health benefits and sacrifice my appetite every single morning - there had better be some extraordinary incredible health profits. 

Favourite top style?

Off-shoudler, low v-neck

Black and white or colour?

I am not especially a colour lover. I like to include bright accents in both my outfits and room decor etc. - preferably within the pink-to-red spectrum. I mostly wear pale neutrals - a wardrobe entirely constructed of white and cream linen and cotton is my dream. Monochrome is cool, but can we get some orange or maybe blush pink in there too? Black alone is something I would never do. White alone is more anticipated than vegan stuffed-crust mushroom pizza.

Who should everyone be following right now?

Pandora Sykes

Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds Monday-Friday. Pearls on the weekend.

Pepsi or Coke?

Can we pretend both were never mentioned? Thx.

Chinese or Italian?

Fun fact: I have never had Indian takeaway. On the rare occasion we have a takeaway, our go-to choices are Chinese and pizza. My comfy-couch of restaurants is Italian; my stiletto-adventure of restaurants is Middle Eastern.

Early bird or night owl?


3 words to describe my day so far

Quiet, bloated, chick-flick-ified.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla. But seriously, mint choc-chip or rum and raisin. Always.

Rural or urban?

If my Instagram has too many green grassy nature photos in a row, I feel like I have had an unproductive week. Taxis outside my window at 3am remind me that adventure is still possible.

Cake or pie?

I have never understood this great debate. Why would I want to eat mushed fruit with a weak ratio of crumble to acidic pulp - bonus if you get one or two raw chunks in there, too. Of course I prefer cake. Carrot, lemon and poppy seed, ginger and toffee.

Twitter or Instagram?


Favourite words?

serendipity, enchanted, avocado, cucumber

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