Saturday, 9 July 2016

5 Wholefoods I've Been Pretending To Eat

Oh, couldn't you tell it's a romaine lettuce?...

1. Romaine Lettuce

.When I can be bothered and I haven't let the tofu go wrinkly and brown in the back of the fridge; my go-to lunch is tofu and spinach cooked in a vegetable broth, with rice and romaine lettuce leaves. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. When you're feeling sad/stressed/there's-only-one-episode-of-Keeping-Up-With-The-Kardashians-per-week but you have every reason to be happy, a really strong case can be made for the 10 minutes (maximum) required for this meal. The crunch is fun and the cool is cool.

2. Peach

While still audaciously waiting for the first heat wave to hit Britain, I have taken to eating peaches ceaselessly. The papayas in England are smaller than my palm and cost more than Manolos, so they're a big no-no. Tell me as many times as you want but I refuse to believe that peaches are anything other than baby cupid's bums. My general daily schedule for the last week has been: eat as many peaches as I can (average, 3) and then top breakfast off with ice cream and sprinkles and a loaf of white bread and extra granola. Enjoy.

3. Bread

Talking of bread. I have been enjoying bread rolls much more than toast lately - soft and fluffy. I don't discriminate so I'll have white, brown, seeded, wholemeal, ciabatta, fruity - to be honest, just give me one of each. It guess it counts as a health food if I put a brown sepia filter on it and maybe I could top it with hummus and cucumber for extra bonus points.

4. Kale

Yes to kale tropical smoothies. I am so over rich, decadent berry, chocolate, peanut butter or maple and banana smoothies. I have been adding some frozen kale to my smoothies (+ frozen melon balls, frozen mango, frozen papaya, banana) in the mornings and I feel like Mother Theresa

5. Honeydew Melon

OOOOOhh melon. Give me any variety and I'll be your best friend, but currently I am biased towards honeydews. I plan on eating them a weird amount this summer. If only honeydew melons didn't taste so good topped with frozen grapes, vanilla ice cream, fruity yoghurt, crumbled fruit loaf and cinnamon cereal...

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