Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Rainy Summer Take On Street Style

Trousers: the wonderful gift to mankind, allowing for 347 more outfit combinations, perfect for days when the sun cold-shoulders us, rain replaces moisturiser, all while humidity sweats out all the bread you ate last night. 

I am yet to wear a t-shirt under a slip style garment, but my virtual self in my dreams has worn this classic, stylish combination many-a-time; so the outfit in question (on the left) is a nice additive to my hypothetical archive. Let's also take a moment to appreciate animal prints in all their versatility and effortless-80s-cool-girl-meets-Julia-Roberts-à-la-Pretty-Woman vibe.

I am imagining this as my go-to college autumnal getup... Minus the suitcase... Unless I was feeling particularly maximalistic.

Yes to everything. So many levels of excellence.

Contrary to popular belief, heels are not in any way comfortable and flip flops/slides are 96% impossible to walk in. Trainers are the way forward. Running is especially fun when a rain-cloud is looming black and immensely permeable but the air is literally waving sweat droplets at you. Also you get to the good sales much quicker.

I get such a buzz from a good bargain. Zara is me immortalised in a store. So putting a and b together, my idea of pure heaven is a Zara sale with a pleasant rounded number of people milling about the store. Today I found the most perfect pair of khaki trousers when I was looking for a pair of colourful tassel sandals. I cried as I walked away from the most criteria-fitting sandals - but can I really be bothered to spend £50 on sandals that I will wear for 1 week maximum (and they were real leather so that was an added no-no). So I'm still on the lookout for the aforementioned sandals. Fun story. 

I have been seeing these pants everywhere and I have a certain flare frill trouser shape hole in my soul. How very sassy!

Now this is really the epitome of rainy summers day dressing. 10/10. Well done, I applaud you. The perfect balance of open legs with closed arms (but the material remains sheer and light); versus a light removable outer layer and ankle grazing trousers with open shoes.  Wearing layers in summer and shamelesssly sweating while knowing you look amazing so the sweat is totally worth it, is no longer a problem in this sun-free, wind-prone, depressing state Britain is currently in. Layer up!

Again, see me in college. I am also in desperate need of a jacket other than my denim jacket, preferable biker style, preferably faux leather. But this combo is radiating serious 80s vibes and it is such a good thing.

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