Thursday, 7 July 2016

Pink, Red and Completely Off-Duty

I feel like a walking, talking, extremely comfortable, lazy and underpaid Valentine's Day mascot. Sponsor me. 

I entertained a whimsical whim to wear pink and red in the same outfit. Why not? After moving past the realisation that I did, indeed, look like 1) a 5-year-old going for a play date at the nursery 2) a parody love advertisement and 3) a 1980's mom on a school run; I decided that I actually quite like this outfit. I have never been wholeheartedly interested in the monochrome life, so instead I have jumped onto the single-colour-shade-in-one-outfit bandwagon. I love the way red and pink seem to clash at first but actually pair very well together in a single outfit (like cheese and sweet condiments). Since Miranda gave her opinion, florals have never held the same allure and so I have taken the colour pink under my wing and am slowly but surely renewing my appreciation for the more pastel shades - candyfloss, blush, champagne, baby's bum, gentle sunburn... 

To be completely honest, I wear the exact same outfit every single day, maybe varying the top and bag (see here). My summer go-to outfit (bearing in mind that in any other reasonable country with reasonable summer weather, you might consider this more of a spring-time or autumnal outfit - but, alas... All praise the British afternoon tea?) for the last few months has been these kickflare jeans from Alexa Chung's collaboration collection with Marks & Spencers, paired with a classic t-shirt and trainers. What makes an off-duty outfit, off-duty? I have decided that it is the time it saves you in the morning. It is far past time to set my intentions onto the nowhere-to-be-seen summer; and the ease of throwing on these super casual, ultra effortless jeans and a basic t-shirt from a small mountain I have accumulated gives me ample time to hypothetically decide how many beaches I want to visit and how many ice cream parlours I could visit in my dreams. Please send Britain some sunshine. It's a real desperate plea.

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