Thursday, 21 July 2016

2 Ways To Wear Subtle Beach Vibes, Not At The Beach

I'm at breaking point with this weather. Stripes and straw for the win though, right?

I filtered these photos in the G3 moment: uniform and organised - very dissimilar to the erratic weather Britain has been harbouring lately.

A quintessential rule of summer dressing seems to be nautical stripes and straw addornments. The only reason I am not wearing a trouser suit made entirely from straw in this photos is because I am yet to find one. 

You can be your own mobility hazard if you only just believe. Slides - you can pretend the sand is getting between your toes and then bluff that when you trip over, it is just you leaping into the ocean of dreams.

The Caspar-The-Ghost life isn't for everyone. It takes a large amount of Factor 200 suncream, dedication, a good work ethic and a large fanbase willing to provide constant shade by means of giant ice cream cones.

Even a die-hard minimalist can't deny the crystal-clear facts that stripes and straw = summer, cropped denim = I'm ready for the breeze to sweep my ankles away now please, slides = I thought my toes might get sweaty after looked at the weather forcast so planned ahead, woven fabric belts = this belt isn't doing anything the practical scene but looks hella' stylish.

Do you remember the days when sunglasses were solely a protective garment with the added bonus of being a fashion statement; and provided absolutely no respite for the working girl who only had 5 hours of sleep 3 nights in a row? Oh, how na├»ve we were...

Major beach vibes from a denim braided belt. There could never be anything wrong a denim braid tie belt. Consider this: you could wrap it around anything (body part or otherwise), and it would still look beachy.

I'm clearly not at the beach because there is only so much humidity one can tolerate. I am completely familiarised with the geographical blueprint of my bedroom, and yet, now, perhaps more necessary than spaghetti or mangoes, I have for the first time determined the coolest corner. (surprisingly, it's behind the door with the stashed Oreos).

If only there were an object I could use to shield my eyes from the sunlight... 

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