Saturday, 1 October 2016

Magpying Vogue: Best SS17 Fashion Month Street Style

Read 'Best' as 'What I can wear to college', and read 'What I can wear to college' as 'pyjama-esque pieces that look like clothes': A Collective

The way I choose an outfit in the morning (note: not evening, because I prioritize sleep and chocolate smoothies), and the way I judge and view street style; is now completely different to how I did just over one month ago. After having spent the majority of my life in a uniform-wearing school, I used to take advantage of weekends or 'own-clothes-days' and make sure I was wearing my single most stand-out-ish item of clothing that would assist me in creating the utmost creative and cultural and individual outfit (ie. sparkles). Now, on the other hand, I am wearing my own clothes every single day. The desire to make each outfit stand out is, of course, still very much present; however, I feel that I am given the opportunity each week to further explore my style identity and truly craft my own personal style and so, I am beginning to feel that my outfits are less forced and more hello-I'm-a-naturally-cool-fashionable-French-girl - cheifly because I just don't have the effort every morning to achieve that level of an outfit. I am forced to compose outfits in minimal time, become an outfit-repeater (police), find alternative ways to style basics again and again and again, and wear the ignored and neglected items that I forgot I even owned - I accept the dare. I feel challenged to keep up with my brain and harsh perfectionism, and to not simply wear gym pants or jeans and a t-shirt (however beautiful this simple combination may be) every day. 

So, when I was scrolling through Vogue's perfectly curated selection of street style photos from the various fashion weeks this autumn, I found myself drawn towards the simpler outfits, or the ones that I knew would be the most comfortable. (I have to consider the logistics: those laboratory stools are not comfortable and I may pass out from climbing the unnecessarily long staircases)*. I chose outfits that looked cool, eclectic, and feminine (enter: ruffles, velvet and prints) - and yet still would be practical (say hello to my new best friend: the trainer). As this is a personal style blog, the street style looks I have compiled here are my own preferences and my own visual moodboard.

* I have noted that I sound like a balding woman old enough to have a back that bothers her. I may have to buy something made from satin to counter that.

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