Monday, 3 October 2016

Did 2015 Ruin Suede?

I've moved on to literally anything but suede.


Fashion trends are wonderful, don't misunderstand where I am going with this.  Trends allow us to easily analyse what the new season holds and restyle the more popular pieces into outfits that suit our personal style and wardrobes. Where would we be without the current velvet trend? Or the (infamous) iconic bohemian trend of 2011? The decades until the early 2000s can be so perfectly stereotypes into a series of trends: flapper dresses and gender-defining accessories in the 1920s; flirty and feminine figure-hugging shapes in the 1950s; the second wave of the 20s in the 1960s - miniskirts and stripes; a plethora of cliques in the 1990s (skater, heroin chic, Fresh Prince wannabes). And yet, despite our desire to have a neat and concise list of 'trends' to refer to each season, sometimes, a single trend can become overdone, overused, and therefore, very tired. Exhibit: the suede trend of 2015.

Despite the high-street still stocking a surfeit of suede knee-high boots and a-line button down skirts (note: also tired), I now shy away from suede. Suede never used to be my first thought, and then it became very much something overnight. After the endless suede boots, mini skirts, jackets and even dresses; I have had my full fill and have moved on to other fabrics (that I will most likely become very tired of soon, too). In the same way that I am sure I will be itching to annihilate the image of Harley Quinn from the 2016 yearbook after this Halloween; I just want to see some other fabrics walking down the streets! I will make the case for colored f
ur being just as needed a jacket as a faux suede bomber, and velvet block heeled boots being just as necessary a staple as suede thigh-highs. I am currently obsessed with velvet so let's see how long it takes before I am writing a resembling post on the negative side effects of wearing too much crushed velvet.

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