Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Back-To-School 80's Style Casual Outfit

I have now done the full circle of maniacal college dressing: the way-too-over-dressed (but let's consolidate ourselves with Oscar Wilde's iconic quote: you can never be too overdressed or overeducated), the gym pants ensemble, the thrown-together leftover mix-matched clothing outfit, the trendy number and the I've-taken-this-trend-too-far look. Full circle.

This was the outfit I wore on the first day that my mind went blank as I was getting dressed. It happened to be about two and a half weeks in. I expect to have many more similar mornings and I have, in the last week, resorted to wearing the same pair of comfortable jeans with a different basic t-shirt each day (and hoping my Monday-Wednesday-Friday people have no connection to my Tuesday-Thursday people). Yes: I want to wear some more full-on fashion-week-worthy outfits that I have put effort into; but, realistically, I also want to have a standard jeans-and-tee outfit formula that I can alter as and when (priorities... read: food). I love the late 70's to 80's vibe that I get from this outfit. I think the brogue and black belt add to the vintage feel as well as adding some more definition to the heavy blue block colour and dark brown.

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