Friday, 29 November 2013

Nigella's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Hello, my little festive munchkins;

Its been a while since I last posted, I know! But, I've been in hospital for an operation and the wi-fi connection was rubbish (ughhh!). Finally I'm at home after two and a half weeks and I now can enjoy the luxuries of wi-fi, duvets on beds and properly cooked meals!

Its my first day back and I've been feeling slightly left out of all the hoo-hah before Christmas - you know, the lights, the excitement. So, I decided to bake (as you do...)

My mom has Nigella's 'Nigella Christmas' book and her Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups are a firm favourite. My mom made them one year and they were just so good! We've made them every year since and they've always been amazing!

Its really just a homemade version of 'Reeses' Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Normally we put them into those adorable mini paper cases but this year I wanted to do something different - rebel!

Soooo... I did the exact same recipe but in a small baking tray, let it cool and cut it up into squares - like millionaire shortbreads without the caramel... kind of...


You will need:

200g peanut butter (obviously...)
200g icing sugar
50g butter
50g dark soft brown suger (so good!)
100g dark chocolate (yummy!)
200g milk chocolate

First, I mixed all the ingredients together except the two chocolates. You should probably use a blender instead of your hands; its messy business. And, obviously I am clever so I didn't use my hands (I did).

Then I spread the mix into a baking tray - evenly. I do so hope you like my photography, edited and all.

Next I melted the chocolates together in a plastic bowl over boiling water in a pot. I should probably have done it on the hob to make it melt quicker but I just boiled the kettle (lazy...)

And stir...

And I spread the chocolaty goodness onto the base...

Another picture because I'm treating you...

Then I decorated it with gold and silver edible balls but you could just leave it plain (maybe if you didn't want to do it for Christmas) or use any old decorations lying around the house. Ooh, this could be a good time to get rid of those Halloween sweets from two years ago...

And because of the amateur photographer in me, some close up shots:

I then sliced it up into mini squares - because it can be so sweet it's sickening, ready to savour (or in my case, gobble)!

Enjoy, Bake, Eat,
Love you lots,
Dani xxx

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