Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY Christmas Gift Hampers

T'was the month before Christmas,
And all through the room,
Dani was crafting,
Because it's gift-giving time soon!

It's about one month before Christmas and I wanted to get my gifts sorted to avoid the stress of doing it last minute. So, I sat down and realised I had loads of really good friends and not-so-good-friends-but-really-important-people to give gifts to. Being on a budget and trying to save a few extra pennies, I started panicking because I could just imagine the number at the end of all those receipts!

But with a bit of keeping calm and some TLC some flowing creative juices, I decided to DIY my own hamper-style gifts for everyone using not-too-expensive items and some basic essential decorations that pretty much anyone has in their home.Today I made my first two and I'm planning to make lots more when I have more time. 


I made this hamper using a small white lantern, some berry scented tea-lights, a red and green tartan print tea towel, (all from IKEA) some thin red ribbon and some thin rope (which I already had at home).

I tied the red ribbon around the candles (parcel style) to keep them together.

I put the tea lights into the lantern and folded the tea towel up and tied everything together with the thin rope.

In the end, this is what I came up with...


In this hamper I used a wine, two red tinted wine glasses, a cork opener and a jingly-bell-heart-shaped hanging decoration. 

I had an old gold shoebox lying around at home which wasn't really ever going to be used and I thought the colour matched the sparkly feel of the gift so I used it. I only used the box (not the lid). I filled it with straw shredded bits and stood the bottle and glasses up in it and put the cork opener in and the heart decoration hanging from the bottle. I wrapped everything up with cellophane and tied it with a thin rope. 

This was the final masterpiece...

Hope you guys like it! xxx

ps. future gift hamper ideas in the making are:

hot chocolate hamper (mini marshmallows, hot chocolate, a cute mug, fluffy sleep socks, a good read).

gardening hamper (a lovely plant in a pot, designer gardening gloves, a trowel/fork).

breakfast/coffee hamper (quality coffee, quality biscuits, a cute mug, a good read, a flavoured drinks syrup).

movie hamper (microwave popcorn, sweets, chocolates, a fluffy blanket, a bottle of wine/soda).

Dani x


  1. This is a great idea! Im definitely going to have to try making these with so many secret santas I have to do haha! I think the hot chocolate one and movie hamper would be perfect! Could you do a post on those?!

    1. Sure! I'm glad you like them. I've altered the movie one slightly to suit a little girl more but I think it's pretty similar anyway. Oh and I'll do a post on the hot chocolate one too! :)