Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter Wonderland Cupcakes

Festive wishes are being sent your way, my angelic blog readers;

As I am (even if I do say so myself) quite the baker, I have been doing a spot of Christmas Baking!

Today's mission: Winter Wonderland Themed Cupcakes

In the oven...

And the decorating (Oh Yes!)
I'm always curious as to how the icing sugar ends up on the other side of 
the kitchen and the sprinkles end up all over the floor?

The masterpiece creation...
(I gave you two, because I'm just that nice)

Let it snow and get baking,
Love Dani xxx


  1. What lovely cupcales Dani! Wish we could tast them! Love to the family

    1. Thanks Anne! Took them to the local Christmas Fair yesterday and they were a big success! Missing you all too xx