Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Minimalistic Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

I love crafting and little cute homemade goodies! I just get all hyped up when I see a little homemade boutique stall or some beautiful homemade gifts! I get very dreamy... 

So, fittingly, I have homemade my Christmas cards, tags and gifts (which you can see on my other post).

This year I thought I would make my tags with a vintage feel but still quite modern so...

I found the tags very, very, very easy to make so for all you guys who think crafting is soooooo hard, and I quote: 'ugh, crafting makes my legs feel like sloppy, un-set jelly', (my actually very talented friend), I have created this set of instructions on how to make some Christmassy/ Modern/ Vintage/ Minimalistic/ Type-writer (which ever takes your fancy) Gift Tags...

Cut out a gift tag shape from hard card.

I normally make a few tags at once so I draw a faint line with a ruler across the page, about 10-15 cm down (depending on how big you want the tags). Then I draw another faint line with a ruler about 1-2 cm down. Next I draw two faint diagonal lines to cut of the corners of each of my newly drawn 1-2 cm rectangles. This should, depending on how good my instructions are (good I hope although it's my first time so be nice...), leave you with Gift Tag shapes. You now just need to cut each rectangle-y-trapezium shape out and rub out all the faint lines. Simple!

Find a nice font you like and write occasion appropriate words/phrases onto paper. Cut out.

I found a really good font on Dafont which I downloaded and used to type little Christmassy words or phrases. The font is 'Travelling Typewriter'. I then printed the words out and cut them into rectangles. 

Other words I used but you cant see on this post are:

- let it snow
- merry christmas
- ho ho ho
- 'tis the season
- joy to the world
- merry and bright
- deck the halls
- with love, xxx
- all is calm, all is bright

Next 'ink' the edges of the paper in any colour of your choice.

I 'inked' the edges of the paper using food colouring but I'm sure there are probably loads of crafting experts sitting right now with their 'Card Ink' and stamps or 'Special Absorb-able Ink, Use For Paper Only' (I, unfortunately, am only amateur). Also I used red but I think green, brown or blue/purple would be great colours too.  

Glue the paper onto the card.

Hole punch a hole into the top centre of the Gift Tag.

...and this is what I came up with (ps. it's a really bad quality photo but it says 'love santa x', 'peace + love' and 'a bit of sparkle')...

And a Merry Christmas to you too xxx

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