Monday, 2 December 2013

Things I love about the Festive Season

Yes, it happens to be that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, the nights are longer, the spirits are joyous. In my opinion, the best time of the year. Why's that, I hear you ask? Well, my lovely angels:

1. Hot Chocolate

Yes, those two words together make my eyes water, my tummy rumble and my mouth drool. I am a hot-chocoholic. How can one not just die for those super-cute unnecessarily small marshmallows floating on the top - and if your lucky, the frothy whipped cream mountain. I mean, imagine coming home, from the cold winter-y weather, to a nice warming cup of milky hot chocolate. The whole 'hot chocolate' fiasco reminds me so much of Christmas! I don't know why! To be honest, I don't even really drink hot chocolate any other time of the year! But at Christmas, its definitely my go-to drink!

2. The Weather

I know, I know! You all probably think I'm crazy but let me clarify: I'm only partially crazy. There's just something about snow and ice and frost that makes the people inside in the warmth feel so cosy! Honestly, I am not a fan of being in the rain or wind; its just the snow and ice I like. Especially if your inside and you look out the window!

3. Constant Cake

Why is it that at Christmas, people feel obliged to always bake (or in my families case, buy and pretend to have baked) cookies and cakes all the time? I, shamefully, have to admit that I have, too, been a slave to this obscure way of thinking. Don't get me wrong! I love eating the goodies, I just don't understand why it is only at Christmas that people open a new tine of cookies every day. Why is this not done throughout the year? 

4. Cards

These little, lovely bits of folded paper with personal messages on: no one ever looks at them, no one ever uses them. Just the idea of filling your house with little useless bits of cardboard makes me feel all giddy and excited... And then when you've run out of space and you need to find a new card-displaying-area! Well, don't even get me started!!...

5. Jolly People

Everyone is just so happy! Even the postman and the window cleaner wish you a 'Merry Christmas'. I mean, what's not to like? 

So, my little angel cakes, are we now all in the Christmassy mood? Have I enticed you to go and make yourself a milky hot chocolate (don'f forget the marshmallows)? I do hope so!

A Merry Christmas to you too!
Dani xxx

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