Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Memory Lane and a Happy New Year: 2013-14

Chinese; why not?
For those of you standing beside myself who are regrettably not as loquacious and lingual to speak or understand Chinese: it means hello.

And I shall add to it now with a great big welcome and a preposition. Go and get comfy; go and get something to drink; or, if you're peckish, rustle up something to eat. Because, I tell you now, this will be a long post.

This year was a year of healthy eating - after which I am proud to say that I have managed to lose some desired weight. It was the year I made new friends and saw several new additions to the family. It was also the year that I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital; but more importantly, the year I was supported and learnt the true meaning of family and friends.

January was the month I got my gorgeous, wonderful, cheeky little bunny: Domino. He is now a confident, lively little soul who fills our day with endless poop-cleaning and lovely little cuddles. January was also the month I became best friends with Bea; forever to be my little Beatwix. 
February was a quiet month. Nothing much happened during this time. It was the month of my sister's birthday and she turned nine. It was also the month that I had to spend some time in hospital.

March was again filled with bundles of laughter; through my birthday and birthday party. I turned thirteen so you could say I came of age. Stereotypically I then became a teenager - wit woo, I felt all grown up. It was the month that I had been planning for for who-knows how many months ahead. I hosted a vintage tea party - in accordance with my love of all things vintage - for my birthday party. I loved it so much: the bunting; the pink lemonade; the old fashioned sweet shop;  the petit fours, cupcakes, fruit tarts and many more sugary delights! 

And that brings us on to April. April was the month I went back home and visited my friends and family in South Africa. I spent quality time with people I had never seen before, made new friends, saw old friends and enjoyed the two weeks staying with my family. 

May, June and July were quiet months and very hot months. We had a very lovely, hot summer this year which meant we could spend more time outside. You would probably have found me frolicking in some lavender meadow beside a cherry-blossom tree or swimming in a natural lake (if I remember correctly; I think I actually did that!) during these months. I remember having lots of barbecues, lots of picnics and spending lots of time with friends. It was an amazing summer!

August was the month I went on my summer holiday with my family to Provence and the French Riviera. It was a relaxing month to take a break from everything and just enjoy family-time, enjoy being in a country I had never been in before, enjoy seeing new places and tasting new foods. It was also the month I tried mussels for the first time and found them delicious!

In September I went back to school after the splendid summer holidays. I was faced with a new year filled with new expectations and preparations for the upcoming GCSEs. 

October was another quiet month. This month was Halloween: I dressed as a pirate. Not much really happened this month.

November was the month I started blogging - and I am very pleased that I did so. I did many posts on preparing for Christmas, baking and wrapping gifts and whatnot. It was also the month that I spent a loot of time in hospital and had a big operation - which thankfully I am now fully recovered from and well. It was sadly the month that my Grandpa died but also the month that he found a more peaceful home.

December was the month of Christmas, of sparkly lights, merriments, festivities, gift-giving and receiving and another month of blogging. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and I absolutely loved this month. It is now 20:44 on New Years Eve and so it is also the month of looking back on the past, on the year; being thankful for family, friends and what we have. 

By golly, that was 2013 in a nutshell and it brings us smoothly onto 2014.

Happy New Year everyone,
Did you all have a wonderful year? Let me know in the comments below!
Get excited for tonight!
Love you always,
Dani xxx


  1. What an eventful year, you have managed so much so well, love you always!